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giovedì, giugno 18, 2009 |


AirTight Interactive mette a disposizione SimpleViewer, una ottima applicazione in Flash per creare sul proprio sito una vera e propria fotogallery.

Il programmino è molto leggero (oltre che molto geek) e interamente personalizzabile nell’aspetto grafico.

Fra le caratteristiche di SimpleViewer trovate:
  • il precaricamento intelligente delle immagini,
  • navigazione scorrimento e con le miniature
  • interfaccia ridimensionabile
  • possibilità di interfacciarsi con Flickr
  • cross platform: Windows/Macintosh/Linux.

Sul sito ufficiale trovate un ottimo supporto per l’installazione e la configurazione.


  • Intelligent image pre-loading.
  • Intuitive image navigation
  • Lightweight (17k).
  • Customizable interface - Set text color, frame color and width, navigation position.
  • Resizable interface - Interface scales to fit browser window.
  • Cross platform - Windows/Macintosh/Linux (requires Flash 8 or higher).
  • Flash 8 detection. Users without Flash 8 are messaged to upgrade Flash.
  • International font support.
  • Keyboard Navigation (Cursor keys, Home, End, Page Up/Down)
  • Mousewheel navigation
  • Optionally right-click to open image in a new window.
  • Free.

  • Version 1.9
    • Added AutoPlay option (PRO)
    • Added back button option (PRO)
    • Added music option (PRO)
    • Added AS options: enableMouseWheel, enableLooping, imageVAlign, imageHAlign (PRO)
    Version 1.8.5
    • Added full localization support
    • Added PNG and GIF support
    • Allow direct links to images within gallery
    • Added XML options: vAlign, hAlign, navPadding
    • Added AS options: showCaptionOnRollover, captionUnderThumbs,captionFontSize, titleFontSize, captionPadding, useSmoothing (PRO)
    • Allow setting caption and title colors via HTML font tags
    • Bug fixes
    Version 1.8.1
    • Allow loading of cross-domain images and XML
    • Removed automatic adding of missing trailing slash to imagePath and thumbPath
  • Version 1.8
    • Re-coded in ActionScript 2
    • Increased thumbnail size to 65px
    • Tweaked thumbnail UI
    • Replaced maxImageDimension with maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight to allow better layout control
    • Thumbs sorted horizontally paged, not top to bottom
    • Added mousewheel navigation support
    • Added extra keyboard nav: Page Up/Down, Home/End
    • Added Right click to download open image option
    • Added option to load in a background image/swf
    • Allow no thumbnails (set rows or columns to zero)
    • Added "gallery not found" message on missing XML doc
    • Added error icon for missing images and thumb
    • Missing images do not break gallery
    • Captions now refreshed on selecting an image (not thumbnail rollover)
    • Preloader Color settable via flashVars
    • Disabled Flash right click print
    • Fixed thumbnails left hand column and the top most row of pixels are duplicated.
    • Fixed broken image placement at start sometimes
    • Fixed unselectable thumbnail, when clicking on and off a loading thumbnail
    • Switched to 'gallery.xml' as default XML name
    • Switched to using SWFObject 1.4 for embed and flash detection
    • Removed bgColor from XML
    • Removed LTR, RTL option
  • Version 1.7.1
    • Using FlashObject to fix IE's active content update.
  • Version 1.7
    • Added background color customization
    • Download link now opens in new window
    • Fixed mac/IE spacing bug
  • Version 1.6
    • Removed upscaling of images.
    • Added keyboard navigation.
    • Added HTML formatting to caption text.
  • Version 1.5
    • Added full international font support.
    • Added variable XML data path support.
    • Added variable image and thumbnail path support.
  • Version 1.4
    • Added multiple thumbnail pages, thumbnail navigation.
    • Added image Next/Back navigation.
  • Version 1.3
    • Added limited international font support.
  • Version 1.2
    • Added customization options - colors, frame width, navigation position.
    • Added Flash 6 detection.
    • Fixed load/resize bug.

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