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venerdì 20 marzo 2009

AIMFix piccolo ma ottimo tool per la sicurezza del nostro PC

Piattaforma: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP Dimensione: 0,19 Mb
Licenza: Freeware


Piccolo ma ottimo tool riguardo la sicurezza del nostro PC, permette infatti di rilevare tutti i virus conosciuti, cancellarne i file e le chiave del registro modificate dagli stessi. Ultima versione: 1.6.415.1737


L’AIM Fix è stato specificamente disegnato per l’eliminazione di virus e vermi che attaccano il sistema dall’AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), il sistema di messaggeria istantanea di AOL.

Le sue funzioni sono indirizzate all’eliminazione di file di virus e alla terminazione dei loro relativi processi, oltre all’eliminazione di tutte le entrate che vengono scritte sul registro di Windows affinché queste infezioni venissero avviate all’avvio del sistema.


In November of 2003, the Realphx worm spread like...well, a virus, and was all over the web, hijacking people's AIM profiles and installing huge amounts of spyware on their computers. Thanks to Dave at, a removal tool was provided, called phxfix. However, only a matter of days later, a new worm appeared linking to This was a simple variant of the realphx worm, and as there was very little information available, I posted a simple page detailing removal steps.

That simple page suddenly started to get a LOT of hits, and links all over the web. My little webpage was all the sudden being visited by thousands, then hundreds of thousands, of people, all looking for help. I worked through various attempts at making removal tools for people, but they were spotty at best.

Finally, I contacted Dave from RSAISP and he was kind enough to pass along the source code for his removal tool for me to use. Using that as a launching pad, I took a crash course on C++ for Windows and AIMFix was eventually born. While only about five or six lines from the original phxfix code actually remain, without it I would never have been able to put together AIMFix. I also would like to thank Jon and Warren for all their help.

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